The Konkan – Seafood Restaurant

Kokan, is a rugged section of the western coastline of India.. The coast line shares Maharastra, Goa and Karnataka..

The Konkan is new restaurant thats is open on St.Marks road that servers some amazing and lip smacking Konkan cuisine..

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Location :

This place is located at the first floor above KC DAS (sweet shop) .. The closest land mark is Hardrock cafe, its opposite to that.. The location on zomato and google are very accurate. They have valet parking, so no hassle for 4 wheelers. 2 wheelers also have hassle free parking around..

Ambience :

Monochrome and minimalistic beautiful decor with some wooden chair and table..The humorous acts of the coastal area picturized in a beautiful form made of some nice Pencil & charcoal sketches. Marvellous view of the busy streets of Bangalore with some nice Mangalorian music..

Now what we had:

  • Silver fish rava fry
  • Prawn and Chicken ghee roast
  • Squid butter garlic fry
  • Neer dosa
  • Boiled rice Konkan fish curry
  • Ragi manni
  • Sol kadi
  • Watermelon mint chill

Silver fish rava.. 

Simple yet my all time favourite dish.. well served on plantain leaf along with some onions and lemons. . Tasted perfect ..

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Prawns /Chicken ghee roast :

This is a very famous Mangalorian dish.. And you will surely love the aroma and the taste of this ghee roast. We were told that the spices and masala used in this dish are freshly prepared at the restaurant and not outsourced from anywhere..If I would ever go back to this place it would be surely for this dish with Neer dosa combination. .

Prawns and Chicekn were tender and well cooked..

content image
content imagePrawns ghee roastcontent imageChicken Ghee roastcontent imageChicken ghee roast with Neer dosa

Squid butter garlic fry :

Deep fried Squids flavoured with minor chunks of garlic and butter.. It should have been cooked a little more according to my suggestion.

content image

Boiled rice and Konkan fish curry :

Perfect combination…. being a Mangalorian, I have always craved for such delicious food. The fish curry was excellent. .

content image
content image

Now coming to the Dessert

Ragi Manni: 

Ragi Manni is a simple dessert made with 3-4 ingredients only. The places I had Ragi manni before they are usually not well moulded or presented. Here they presented the dish in a unique way. Due to the consistency the shape of Manni had turned out well but caramel sauce was not really necessary.

content image
content image

Sol Kadi :

Sol kadi is one drink which i have grown up having frequently during the summer season. It is a pink coloured appetizer drink from Konkan belt made from the Kokum fruit and Coconut Milk. Its also good for your stomach after a Hot and Spicy meal.

content image

My rating

Ambience : 7/10

Food & Beverages : 9/10

Service 6/10

Value for money 8.5/10

My pick from this place : Prawns ghee roast 

Overall experience

Decent ambience, very light music and good food… Service could have been a little faster.. Other wise a wonderful experience .. There are not much restaurants around Church Street serving sea food at a very nominal cost.. This place is reasonably priced..

Do visit the place and let us know what you loved the most in the comment section below..

Live long… Never eat wrong…

The Konkan - Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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