Based on a true story

Based on a True Story is a latest addition to those of trending Bistro in Kammanahalli.. They serve Tea, Coffee, Sandwich, Pasta, Breakfast and much more!

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Location :

The location on Google and zomato is very accurate..

Has enough parking for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers may have to find some parking on the main road..

Ambience :

A very pretty and different type of ambience. Cozy place with 8 -10 tables around with different types of seating both indoor and outdoor, high stools, sofa and chairs… Everything you are gonna see around are related to some or the other movie, the posters, the toys.. vintage cam, reels and much more .. They also have foos ball to play..

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Now coming to the most important part that’s food

  • Lord of the Oreo
  • Americano
  • Lemon tea
  • Hills have fries – Chicken
  • Fight club Sandwich
  • Pasta Unchained
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and mash – pork

As soon as we entered and we took our seats and even before we could place our order a small bucket of some fresh buttery pop corn was served.

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Lord of Oreo :

An awesome Oreo milk shake served in a nice jar.. with goodness of chocolate, oreo biscuits a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce..

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Americano :

It’s a simple black strong coffee, my friends choice … I did not taste it but friend liked it..

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Lemon Tea :

It was served hot…

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Hills have fries – chicken

Love at first sight when served.. I just love the way it looked. Perfectly cooked French fries was served with some indianized Chicken with bell pepper, fresh ground black pepper and some cheese on the top. This Dish was irresistible..

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content image

Fight Club Sandwich :

The presentation was yet again unique. Served along with French fries. It was a double layered sandwich which tasted absolutely great ..

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content image

Pasta Unchained :

I love pasta!! Most places I always end up having them just because I love them .. White sauce penne pasta with Chicken and cheese was really good.

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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Mash -Pork

Actually the name attracted me.. When talking to the owner I later realized that all the names of the dishes are named after Hollywood movies. So if u are a movie fan u will surely relate..

2 pork sausages on the bed of well mashed potatoes and a nice sauce, (which had mayonnaise in it for sure no idea of other secret ingredient) boiled veggies and garlic bread .. You can actually choose your sausage from either chicken or pork ..

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My rating

Ambience : 9/10

Food and beverage 8.5 /10

Service 10/10

Value for money 9/10

My pick from this place : Hills have fries

Overall experience :

I am regular visitor to Kammanahalli and used to hang around only one particular place always.. This place had become my new fav now.. A perfect place to hang out with your best buddies or family members… You will love this cozy bistro for sure ..

Do visit the place and let us know what you loved the most in the comment section below..

Based On A True Story- Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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