Chefactory – Right place for a quick meal 

Its been 6 months since I started penning on thoughts about food and trying various restaurants to review for you guys. Ever since I started blogging here, I have been more curious to try out new places, new cuisines and write all about it. I was never like this before, I used to be happy going to the same place again and again and have my favourite dishes. But blogging has really expanded my views on food. I hope you guys are enjoying this journey with me as I share my good and not so good experiences with you.

Recently I saw a new restaurant, Chef Factory, when I was crossing Marathahalli, so my friends and I decided to visit it. The review here is a combined over 2 visits to the same place.

Chefactory is located right at the busy junction of Marathahalli so don’t expect to find parking there very easily. There is just enough space to park a two-wheeler outside the restaurant.

Chefactory is a pretty, cozy place with 4-5 tables. They focus on delivering good quality food with appropriate quantity. The decor includes catchy boards with wordings around the place.

Now coming to the food we had..

  • Icy blue
  • Icy orange
  • Indonesian Grilled Mushrooms
  • Coastal Murg Tikka
  • Veg & Non Veg Biryani
  • Panner Adraki roll
  • Veg cheese grilled sandwitch


Icy blue and Icy orange :

On a hot summer day, besides water, the one thing I want is a cool drink. The Icy Blue and Icy Orange drinks live upto their names of being ice cold. I preferred the icy orange variety of the drink and it was the perfect accompaniment to my meal.



Indonesian Grilled Mushrooms :

A starter of delicately smoked and grilled mushrooms. The mushroom are mildlyspicy and served with fresh onions and mint chutney,  The plating was a treat to the eyes. I loved it!


Coastal Murg Tikka :

It definitely had a coastal feel to it. The spice combination definitely got my palette going. The chicken was really tender and juicy, and I really wanted to have another plate, but I knew I had to try more items on the menu, so I resisted the temptation.

Veg Biryani & Non Veg Biryani :

The aroma of the biryanis was so good that I got distracted and forgot to click a picture of it before it was served on the plate. The flavours were rich and and comforting. The vegetables were well cooked.

The chicken was tender and filled with flavour, and my friends really loved it.

Veg Biryani
Chicken Biryani

Panner Adraki roll: 

This is the ultimate one-person meal. Hot roll stuffed with paneer that had a mild ginger flavour and was cooked to perfection.  It was very filling and I loved it.

Veg cheese grilled sandwich :

The sandwich was very average. It was a bit too crispy and I am not really a fan of it.

Overall experience

I would give the Indian food a huge thumbs up. The biryani is excellent. The place is calm, and the music is pleasant, not too loud. They also serve raw cold pressed fruit juices. Head over to Chefactory when you are looking for a quick meal.
Live long… Never eat wrong…

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  1. Bushra says:

    Menu looks so delicious worth try for Great Read – Thanks for sharing – Bushra – blog

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  2. Sharvari says:

    Wow looks fantastic and fabulous review… Want to land there and eat


  3. newsontube says:

    great clicks


  4. Yummy and delicious food.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Moumita says:

    The pictures as well as the post are tempting enough to tickle the taste buds.


  6. foodierushil says:

    Chicken biryani looks amazing😍


  7. Mummasaurus says:

    this does not look like a luxury restaurant, but just an everyday place. There’s nothing bad about it, just something i noticed 🙂 Im happy you have covered these places as well.


    1. Luxury restaurent does not matter that food has to be awesome


  8. beautyissh says:

    I want to have their biryani


  9. starringstuff says:

    It looks so appealing and fantastic


  10. newsontube says:

    great review the food looks yummy


  11. DelhiDelites says:

    Wow looks fantastic and fabulous review!!


  12. The biryani looks delicious. Wanna have it.


  13. not even 1 veg dish u mentioned here is missable


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