Sanctum – New menu launch


Recently I got an invite to visit the iconic Sanctum Club, a nightclub, that is a part of Chancery Pavilion. The Sanctum Club is always the talk of the town for its trendy and wild DJ nights, as well as, the opulent ambiance. Earlier this place was accessible only by an exclusive CLub Membership, but now it has been opened to all. The only condition is that you need to be dressed well.


Location :

This nightclub is a part of the Chancery Pavilion which is located on the Residency road, and the location on google or Zomato is accurate. The club has a separate entry from the main hotel.

Ambience :

The entrance is beautifully done up, and inside the club you can opt for spacious seating if you are with friends, or you can sit in a cozy nook with that special person. The bar is well stocked and definitely keeps everyone occupied with non stop serving of mocktails and cocktails. They have a wide selection of liquor, perfect for everyone’s tastes.


The event was purely by invite, and the table was so perfectly set for us along with the new menu that we couldn’t wait to taste.




Spiced up : 

As summer is mango season, they have taken a traditional vodka drink and spiced it up with a hint of jalapeno brine and mango juice.



Sanctum delight:

One of their signature cocktails is Sanctum Delight that won the DIGO World-Class Competition. The colour is rich but the flavours are mild. This was my favorite drink.




Pinacolada :

The piña colada is a sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut cream or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice. The drink was perfect and I really loved the blend of flavours.


White cosmo :

The white cosmo is a seasonal take on the classic cosmopolitan. A mix of citron vodka with white cranberry juice, cointreau, and a hint of fresh lime, to keep you refreshed in this summer heat.

Delighted lips:

This was a strawberry crush based mocktail and the deep hues of pink were just a delight on the eyes as well as the lips. Such a perfect drink for this season.






Mozzarella Bruschetta:

With a smooth drink what you need is a tasty starter. The crunchiness of the bread, served with tomatoes, black olives and of course melted cheese, makes this a fabulous starter to accompany your drinks.



Boiled Dhokla with Imli Confit:

Yes this doesn’t sound like your regular finger food and it is quite an innovative dish of desi flavours with international techniques. Bite Size Dhoklas with with an imli dip covering it. It was very tasty and very unique. I have never had dokhlas in a lounge before. Have you?



Corn Peas Tikki Chaat

Keeping with the Desi trend, here is yet another desi appetizer. This was definitely my favourite in the entire menu. The tikkis were made with corn and peas, stuffed with a colourful chutney and topped with salted fried chillies. A little bit of a tangy flavour and a little spice just made for the ultimate balance of flavours and that is why I loved this. It really played with the palette.



Tandoori Fungi

While the name might not sound appetizing, the dish is a simple, mildly spiced mushroom cooked in a tandoori style and sure is tasty.



Chilli Cheese Hazel Back:

A dish that sounds like your All American Quarter Back, this is fully loaded with cheese, served along side potato wedges and mustard sauce. Did I mention it was oozing with cheese?



Now that I have made all the vegetarians drool, lets take a look at the non veg starters that we were served.

There was Siracha Chicken Shish Took, Ghee Roasted Chicken on Baby Roti, Smoked Chicken in Black Lentil Quesadilla, Smorrerboard of Tuna Parsley Pate & Yellow Pepper Confit, Green Chilly lamb on baby Roti and Prawn Poppers..!!…

That is quite a variety of non vegetarian and vegetarian starters and finger food. It really serves to everyone’s palette.

And finally here comes the dessert, my friends loved the Baked Mango Yoghurt with a loads of Pistachios.!! It was mango with pistachios filled with a rich goodness. No wonder it was a hit.

Overall if the experience was great and I felt really fancy. If I had to pick favourite items it would be Sanctum Delight, and Corn and Peas Tikki Chaat, and I would definitely go back for these.

*Disclaimer- I was invited by the restaurant to review their new menu. However the review is not influenced by them in any way.



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    craving for tandoori fungi and chilly cheese hazel back after seeing this post….


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