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There is a common though that healthy food is not tasty and tasty food cannot be healthy, but then a place like Vaho Kafe turns up and proves such thoughts wrong. Vaho Kafe believes in placing on your table food that is healthy, of top notch quality and great taste.

Location :

This place might be a hard to locate the first time. It is right in front of IIM Bangalore, next to Big Bazaar, on the second floor.


Vaho Kafe is the epitome of simplicity. 5 to 6 tables, an open kitchen with a transparent glass so that you can see what is cooking.

Food Review

We ordered for

  • Watermelon cold pressed juice 
  • Pineapple guava 
  • Chicken satay 
  • Veg global lunch 
  • Beetroot halwa 
  • Dosa & chicken curry 

Watermelon juice and Pineapple Guava juice- Cold Pressed.

Has the term cold pressed juice ever made you wonder what it exactly is? Well Cold-pressed juice refers to juice that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables, as opposed to other methods such as a regular blender. It is great to see a cafe have it in their kitchen. Cold pressed juices are known for their nutritional value.

Both the juices had zero added sugar and were super refreshing. Just the burst of freshness that you need for the summer. I loved them.



Chicken satay : 

The dish was served and though the chicken was not very tender, the it was filled with flavour. The satay was served with a spicy dip.


Veg global lunch 

This is a unique lunch concept. The Vaho Kafe menu has a lot of varieties in their set lunch. They have 7 Indian thaali and 7 global thaalis. 7, because they have a new one for every day of the week. The 7 Indian thaalis consists of a thaali with dishes from different states of India, while the Global set menus has country wise dishes.

I went for the Veg Global Lunch and I loved how colourful it looked.

There was a salad made of kidney beans green apple, cucumber, corn and pumpkin along with lettuce, millets and dressed with a delicious dressing. The ingredients work very well together and there is a great range of flavours that play on your palette. I tried to recreate this at home but could not get the same taste.

The rice was seasoned with jeera, and coriander and had mild flavours which paired well with the gravies that came with it.

For dessert there was apple pie that was served in the set menu and I was told that this was made with jaggery instead of sugar. So yet another healthy option.

This is definitely the best dish that I had here.


Beetroot halwa 

Traditional halwa has a ton of sugar and will be dripping with ghee. But not at Vaho Kafe. Here they use grated beetroots, millets and jaggery, all combined together to give you perfection in a bowl topped with cashews and raisins.



Dosa and chicken curry: 

This is one the places where they serve 3 dosas with a kerala style chicken gravy. Talk about yummy tasty home-like food being served.


Overall, the food is amazing and makes up for the ambience lacks.

The Global veg lunch was my favourite dish. Also the fact that they have cold pressed juices that have various benefits such as weight loss, glowing skin, and rejuvenation. These are available as a juice cleanse and so you get 6-7 bottles in a one day package. Definitely something that is worth trying.

Live Long… Never Eat Wrong…

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Esha says:

    Beetroot ka halwa sounds unique and indeed healthy 😊


  2. newsontube says:

    great post & nice pics


  3. Amrit Kaur says:

    Beetroot halwa is what I haven’t tried, so would love to try from this outlet when I visit the place on my vacations.


  4. foodierushil says:

    A healthy place to have an healthy meal!!


  5. That beetroot halwa looks good
    Thank u for the review


  6. Dr Bushra says:

    I want to try chicken satay looks so tempting,soft and delicious
    thanks for sharing


  7. The beetroot halwa and the info on cold pressed juice are amazing.


  8. newsontube says:

    great review will surely visit


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