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When Echoes was first launched in Delhi, it was a super hit there. The specialty of Echoes is that it is run by a group of specially abled people. They may not be able to speak, or hear you speak, but their amazing service says it all. Service with always with a smile !!!! The affordable pricing also puts a smile on your face.

Location : 

Echoes is located on 4th cross, Koramangala, close to Black Pearl. There is 2 wheeler parking right in front of the cafe and for 4 wheeler, you would need to hunt the side roads of Koramangala for a parking. I don’t think they offer valet parking because I had been here when they launched.

Ambience :

There is comfortable seating with good lighting and enough spacing.

What I loved the most was the concept decor. Keeping with the theme, they have a wall dedicated talking about Sign Language. Other walls are covered with quotes and pictures and there is one wall dedicated to the logo which is the letter E surrounded by utensils. This is definitely the highlight. Very well thought of decor.

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In the center of the cafe, there is an wooden tree with lights hanging around it.

Now if you are wondering how communications happen, it is quite simple. The moment you enter this place, you are greeted by broad smiles. Once seated, they will give you cue cards which have different messages on it, making the process of asking for a fork, spoon, or water much easier. What a brilliant idea, right?


How to they take orders? Well just press the button next to your table. It will light up and there will be someone at your table right away to take order. Simple but effective idea.




  • Stuffed mushrooms Tikka
  • Baked Cheesy Nachos
  • Chicken  Tandoori Momos
  • Fiery Chick
  • Cream cheese baked pasta
  • Makhani pasta
  • Paneer makkani pizza
  • Barbeque chicken pizza
  • Classic butter chicken thali
  • Raju veg tiffin service

Stuffed mushrooms Tikka:

Mushroom tikka made in a basic masala but cooked to perfection and plated in an attractive manner. What a way to start the meal right?


Baked Cheesy Nachos:

The Baked Cheesy Nachos were as tasty as they sound. The nachos were baked which gave a slightly different taste to it, and topped with cheese and black olives. Nachos was accompanied by a tangy in house dip. The only thing I wish is that the cheese would have been spread across the dish because you have eaten the top layer of cheese, there is no flavour left underneath.


Chicken  Tandoori Momos :

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, then you will know my strong love for momos. These were not steamed and the filling inside was flavoursome!!


Fiery Chick:

Juicy chicken that has literally been on fire. This is basically flambé chicken (dousing the chicken with alcohol and setting it on fire) and served hot. The Flavour that coats the chicken is a secret recipe and is absolutely delicious.


Makhani pasta:

Doesn’t the idea of a creamy dal makhani dripping with buttery goodness just make you drool. It is definitely a favourite one with most of us. But this is not dal makhani mixed with pasta. There is a generous helping of butter with herbs tossed with well cooked pasta which makes a lovely combination.


Cream cheese baked pasta:

A delectable sauce made of cream and cheese which envelopes the penne cooked al dente. Mixed with some vegetables to add more flavor. The pasta is simply amazing and in comparison the garlic bread served with it was very average.


Paneer makkani pizza:

A thin crust pizza topped with paneer slices and black olives. Quite simple and good.


Classic butter chicken thali:

What I liked is the fact that cafe was serving an Indian dish. This is makes the cafe stands out from others.  Succulent chicken and the richness in this gravy makes this dish stand out.


Raju veg tiffin service:

A thali of rajma and matar paneer served with butter roti and rice, along with papad and raita. This is actually perfect as a meal for single person. However if you are a person with a small appetite, then just reconsider it may be extra filling.


Wondering why I haven’t mentioned any beverages even though there were 14 of us? Well the yummy food had me distracted but here are the beverages that we tried.

  • Green apple lemonde
  • Straweberry lemonde
  • Oreofee
  • Redreve

Green apple lemonde & Straweberry lemonde 

Regular mocktails tasted like how they should taste. Nothing special about these mocktails.



Using Oreo in desserts and shakes has become quite normal these days. This is a combination of coffee and oreo which chocolate syrup along the sides of glass.



Do you love red velvet cake? Because I do and I am totally in love with this shake. Okay maybe i am completely obsessed with it. This is the perfect sweet treat to share with your friends.


We chose to have some pancakes also and the best part is that you can customize the toppings.  We went for freshly cut fruits and nutella sauce with nuts. Have I made you drool yet? By this time I was full.

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Here is a picture with the group that visited.




A good place to hang out. The ambience is welcoming, food is good and the decor makes the place worth exploring. The prices are slightly on the higher end, but I feel like the pricing is definitely well worth the experience you have. It is absolutely heart warming to communicate with these people and see how well they communicate with each other. Words are not needed when you need to communicate love.


Live long … never eat wrong..

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  1. This is such a beautiful place. Loved the thought behind this. U click amazing pichas dear


  2. I’ve been to Echoes in Delhi, didn’t know they’re present in Bangalore too. Thanks for sharing this. Will definitely visit them when I’m in the city.


  3. Mummasaurus says:

    i have been to echoes in delhi and i like to hangout there once in while.


  4. prakharkasera says:

    i know the place….never been there though but heard abt it a lot….got to visit atleast once


  5. What an honorable concept. Loved the idea and effort they have put in . My fav dish though is the Tandoori mushrooms and the fire chicken …
    Thank u for the review


  6. tlcfnicole says:

    Wow! This is inspiring
    So glad to know there is a place for specially abled person


  7. Dr Bushra says:

    My eyes are drooling over the cheese on the platter
    Yummy menu they offer


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