Sultans of spice :- Delhi food festival

What better way to celebrate food than a food festival !! Get the flavors of Delhi, right here in Bangalore at Sultans of Spice – a perfect place to treat your taste buds.

Sultans of Spice was created to showcase the rich spice route that exists between India and the Middle East. This place is decorated using the Arabian furniture, large sheesha and the colors that will transport you to a different place. The table arrangement was quite spacious, but not to worry if you want some private space, that is available as well.

We (My friends and I) landed here one afternoon to try out the Delhi food festival, and I must say, it is excellent.

Location : 

Sultans of Spice, a part of the BluPetal Hotel, Koramangala and is located on Joythi Nivas College Road. The location on the zomato is accurate, and they have valet parking, so you don’t have worry about it.



The ambience is perfectly in accordance with the theme of the restaurant. I wanted to steal their chairs.. Totally in love with them. The lamps, the music in the background all add to the overall feel of this place. The decor, such as brass kettles and crystal jars, enhance the dining experience.


Seating arrangements

About the Food.

We had been there for lunch time buffet and there were variety of spread. I am going to talk about some of the items that I loved.

There were 2 options of welcome drinks- Aam panna and lassi.

Lassi was definitely my favorite.



In the shorba section, the badam malai ka shorba was very creamy and had a lovely mild flavor of almond and kesar. Nothing overpowering.

For vegetarians there is also a Dal aur pyaaz ka shorba. It didn’t have the greatest depth in flavor. Tasted more like dal water.

For the non vegetarian lovers, the Murgh Malai ka shorba is a good choice. It is spicy and slightly tangy. This was the shorba that I personally liked.

10 types of Salad

There were 10 types of salads, so salad lovers, make sure you hit this counter and check out the huge variety. The entire counter just looked so colorful .


As I walked along the counter, the first thing that caught my eye was the sliced raw mango with red chilli powder, a reminder that summer is here!!


The other salads that I tried were egg salad, fruit salad with fresh seasonal fruits and chaat masala. I also tried pasta salad with fresh mayo on top. Lovely way to enjoy the summer spread.


Veg starters

In this section, the Badam Aur Anjeer ka Kabab was something different. It was soft well cooked fig along with the sublime taste of badam. This was my favourite. If you like mushrooms, then the Anaari bharwan mushroom is a tasty option. It was well marinated with a hint of mint.  The only slightly disappointing starter was the Veg Kathi kabab.

Non veg Starters

Starting with the Jheenga Tadka Fry- prawns well tossed in slightly spicy masala, just the way I love it!! Very tasty and crispy. The Chowk ki Talimasala macchi is made of fish, that is deep fried and was crunchy.  In the Mutton Cheese kabab you can definitely taste the cheese. There was also  Kalmi Kabab, which I forgot to click because it was so tasty and I was busy enjoying it.


Paranthe wali galli ke paranthe: live counters

There were standard parathas flavors- aloo (potato), gobi (cauliflower), pyaaz (onion) and something new called Khajuri paratha. This was made with dates and it was an amazing filling for a paratha. I never expected that to be so delicious. Khajuri paratha is definitely something I would go back for.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Non veg paratha
In the non veg parathas, the mughlai paratha was done in a very different way. It had rumali roti outer layer with minced chicken as filling and folded into perfect square shape.


All parathas are served along with pickle, masala curds, mint chutney and gravy..

At the live paratha counter, you can find 3 bowls of some amazing pickles, all of which are Delhi specials.


Assorted Indian breads like Roti / Naan / Kulcha are served to you at the table itself.

Live chat counter : 

Who doesn’t love some chaats?

Dahi papdi chat: The traditional papdi with smooth creamy curd and aloo on top.


Palak ki chat: Even this had curd in it, along with the sweet chutney and sev. It was quite good.

The mocktails we tried.. 

Sultan Safari is a bright orange colored drink containing a mixture of orange juice, pineapple juice with a slight flavor of passion fruit.

Guava Jackpot is guava juice, with salt and chilly powder rimmed on the glass.

There is also an option for buttermilk which is spiced.

There was a vast section for the main course, but I was so full with salads and parathas, that I couldn’t do the main course justice. I had just a little biryani with some sides.


I also tried the curd rice and this one was yum with pomegranate and grapes mixed in it.



I have a special love for desserts and kept space in my tummy for them.

The Blueberry Mousse was elegant and fresh. Those are the first two words that came to my mind to describe this dessert. There was also Gudwali Chawal ke kheer, made with the gud (jaggery).  It was ok ok. Choclate mud cake and Kiwi cheese cakes where also available.

Jalebi live counter

They had a live jalebi counter serving apple and pineapple jalebi along with rabdi.


In terms of traditional desserts, there was also Gulkan Gulab jamun and Shahi Tukda. Shahi Tukda is a very popular dessert which seems simple, I mean it is made of just bread, but it was so rich. Loved it.


This last dessert is worthy of mention because it is an innovation of the head chef- Rahul Kapur- Chocolate Gol Gappe. This is basically puri topped with chocolate sauce filled with chocolate mousse and some nuts. Absolutely delicious.


Don’t forget to have these to help you digest your big meal. That’s why they offer after mints and jaggery coated ginger are here !!


This is me with head chef Rahul kapur and my friend Neethu Thank you Rithesh for clicking this.


While there were some hits and a few misses, overall it was a great experience. The Delhi Food Festival at Sultans of Spice is on till April 2nd, so hurry up and check it out!


BluPetal Hotel,

60 Jyoti Nivas College Road,

Koramangala 5th Block,


Live long… Never eat wrong…

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  1. Rithesh R says:

    Lovely photographs. Nice write up as well. Tasting is one aspect of food but writing about it and capturing it well only you are good at it Poornima. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Thank you soo much Rithesh R


  2. Drooling over the pictures, i think I’m loving everything I see more so the desserts.
    Omg what a spread.. thanks for sharing


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