Fab expirence at Fabelle 

This is located on the ground floor at ITC grand Chola, Guindy in Chennai. No one can miss this. The location is  perfect on google maps. So as soon as I landed Chennai this is what I thought to do and treated myself with a dessert.

Fabelle has no meaning but fab is as you all know that means fab and Bella  is beautiful in French language …After their successful ventures in Bangalore and Kolkata now the store is open one and half months back. It's an excellent experience to have luxury chocolates. Everyone loves chocolates who does not…For me it's a finest life time experience that I came across.

This blog is a combined experience of my two visits… As I enter this place it looked beautiful and very luxurious. A divine chocolaty flavor was all over the place. Later I was given with an iPad in which I could see in order,  instantly from that I was able to imagine what will be on my plate in a couple of minutes..

I ordered for

  • Chocolate flower
  • Warm chocolate tian

Chocolate flower 

Chocolate flower is a dish from the fabelle signature dish.

The mousse is Single origin Saint Domingue  which has 70% dark chocolate added with some fresh fruits in top like kiwi orange and blueberry if I have not mistaken. It's all set with a clocolate flower around..
When brought to table, the piping hot white chocolate and orange mixture around the chocolate made the flower bloom..  it's exactly a visual treat to the eyes.

I love the mixed flavor in this creation. I call this the creation because I feel it is nowhere less than a art.

Warm chocolate tian

I ordered this because it looked very very presentable on the iPad. I keep reading at various Restaurant's that images are only for reference but the original dish can be different. I never faced that situation at Fabelle it was exactly how it was on the menu.

64% chocolate mousse rich hazelnut praline.. hazelnut ice cream in chocolate crumbs. And soo much more in my plate…
I totally loved it..

I thank chef Deepthi and chef Tirupati for crafting those beautiful piece of art for me, and giving me soo much insight of these dessert…

Had a great interaction with Ajit Bangera who is the executive chef of ITC Grand Chola. 

I would definitely  visit this place many more times in future. Though it is located in the most luxurious hotel of Chennai the prices seem to be very reasonable. If you like chocolate and luxury together then this is something that you should not be missing.. when I was busy eating chocolates I totally forgot to take pictures around.
Do visit fabelle and let me know how you like this place.. and what did you try.
Live long.. never eat wrong..

Fabelle Chocolate Boutique - ITC Grand Chola Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. Ramani Iyer says:

    Thank you for sharing the info with the right meaning of Fabelle

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great place for chocolate lovers. loved the chocolate flower presentation.


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